The Basingstoke South West Action Group (SWAG) is a group of individuals living in the south western area of Basingstoke and the villages beyond who have come together to try to inject sanity and common sense into development in the west and south west of Basingstoke. 


Our mission is "To inform and influence"


Basingstoke has been identified as one of four 'growth hubs' in the area covered by the M3 Local Enterprise Partnership, meaning that substantial growth targets have been placed on our town - a town which is already one of the fastest-growing in England.  That growth will be driven mainly by creating new housing.  Whilst we were able to move the Local Plan Inspector back from his initial requirement that Basingstoke should grow by 950 dwellings per annum, we are still saddled with a target of 850, most of which will occur in the west and south west of the Borough.


Furthermore it appears that still more development will take place in this overcrowded area after 2022.  SWAG has always considered this unsustainable since almost all the employment in Basingstoke is in the north and north east of the Borough and building in the west and south west adjacent to the M3 simply encourages car commuting.

We always welcome new supporters, especially anyone willing to provide practical help; serve on the committee, attend Council meetings, lobby councillors or provide specialist advice.  If you would like to get involved, please contact us.

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