Basingstoke Golf Course

Basingstoke Golf Course which has been on this site since 1928 has been sold to developers.  The site was originally the Deer Park for Kempshott Park House which once stood at the end of, what is now, Longwood Copse Lane.  The land has a long and distinguished history with notable periods as part of the hunting estate of the then Prince of Wales at the end of the 18th century and during World War Two when it was the site for the development of tanks used during the D-Day invasion.  Of more recent significance, the Golf Course itself is one of a diminishing number of Courses designed by the great golf course designer, James Braid. The Local Plan shows the site being delivered between 2020/1 and 2026/7.  Further details on the proposals which now also include an increase in density to 1,100 dwellings and two access roads onto the A30 can be found by clicking here 


A Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) for this site has been adopted by the Council covering major structural and infrastructural issues.   This can be viewed here.


• Sewerage – A detailed timed plan is required for how sewage is going to be transferred from the Test Valley catchment area over the south western ridge and all the way across Basingstoke town to Chineham.

• Roads - how is the A30 going to cope?  How is the development going to be coordinated with work on J7 of the M3, the Brighton Hill roundabout improvements, Southwood Junction, the new roundabout on the A30 and all the critical pinch points in Kempshott and Hatch Warren?

• School provision and children’s safety – despite SWAG's concerns the proposed new Primary School will still be located on Hounsome Fields.  Which secondary schools will be used by children from this new estate and do they have capacity?

• Public transport - The SPD contains requirements in respect of the need to integrate with the Basingstoke Transport Strategy.

• Cycle Provision – unfortunately segregated cycling paths will only be provided where feasible​

• Woodland and natural environment - the site is adjacent to ancient woodland and contains many notable stands of trees.  Only the highest category trees will be retained.  There will be a considerable loss of tree cover.

• Health services - the plans for health provision rely on the use of the Beggarwood surgery but this will be kept under review.

A revision to the outline planning application (BDBC reference 19/00971/OUT)  was submitted on 17 October 2019.  A summary of the provisions and changes can be found here.

Golf Course Illustrative Plan Oct 2019_e