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 The current plan is to construct around 3,200 dwellings, a local centre and schools between the northern part from the Newbury Road down to Pack Lane.  SWAG has submitted comprehensive and detailed comments on the July 2018 modifications to the plans for Manydown.  You can see these in full under planning reference 17/00818/OUT.  SWAG believes that while the most recent modifications do go some way to address the density, flooding and transport issues, they still do not address sufficiently the sewerage and non-car transport impacts.  Here is a summary of our criticisms.

  • Inadequacy of proper planning for the foul drainage infrastructure

  • Inadequacy of the transport and travel plans, especially in the areas of Cycling infrastructure

  • Likelihood of severe traffic congestion at key junctions especially Fiveways, the junction of Pack Lane and Kempshott Lane which will be massively over capacity on all its arms in the peak hours.

  • Inadequacy of the planning for potential rat running as a result of the congestion especially along the narrow road from Oakley to Junction 7 of the M3 known as Trenchards Lane.  At the moment the transport plan simply predicts that congestion on this road will be so bad that drivers will not use it!  We hope that Oakley residents are ready for this!  

  • STOP PRESS!  Hampshire County Council has finally seen the light on the potential traffic disaster that will be inflicted on the wider road network and has sent a letter to Basingstoke planners detailing the inadequacies in the transport assessment.  SWAG is pushing for these issues to be addressed before the planning application goes any further.